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Termites live mostly underground and inside the walls of your home or commercial property. Although you probably will not see the actual termites, they can be very detrimental to your property as they can eat away and physically affect your home or business. Some signs of termite presence can range from termite droppings (small, ridged wood-like pellets), mud tubes on an exterior surface and tiny wings that are shredded near the entrance of your home or business. Many times people are not aware of a termite infestation so we suggest to hire a trained professional that is experienced in the detection and removal of these pests. Red Bug Pest Defence will send a trained professional to your home or commercial property to evaluate your property. We will perform a thorough inspection and evaluate your property before servicing and inform you of what’s going on. We utilize state of the art equipment and specific strategies to thoroughly remove termites and prevent them from coming back again.Call Red Bug Pest Defence today to receive a quote at +91 98794 74170.


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